Techniques to overcome the challenges of living in a foreign country.

1 year = 365 opportunities

Living in a foreign country is a great opportunity to turn day-to-day challenges into small jumps of personal growth.

A good mindset and attitude are the keys to make the best decisions and get closer to your personal, social or academic goal.

4 key attitudes

Life training

PSYCHOLOGIST, specialized in teenagers of “GEN-Z” .

My mission is to help teenagers turn the difficulties of living in a foreign country into unique opportunities for personal growth, both for their stay abroad and for their entire lives.

Attÿtude was born from the experience of living in Ireland with my three teenage children. Day by day, I could see from the Frontline how they had to manage many daily challenges; new situations, new relationships and different ways of doing.

Supporting them as a mother and as a psychologist, little by little they were acquiring practical strategies of positive psychology, character education and habit training.

After weeks of sharing experiences and working with them, they began to feel more confident coping with adversities.

Today, I can say that the whole experience together was the seed that inspired my life purpose, the purpose of Attÿtude:

“Contribute to the best flowering of” Generation Z “, helping them turn difficulties into opportunities for personal growth.


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Cómo actuar con seguridad y confianza.

Cómo minimizar las preocupaciones para avanzar.

Cómo arriesgar y superarse para llegar más lejos.

Cómo conseguir energía
para volverse a poner.

Método “Learning by doing”:

  • Toma de conciencia del propio termómetro emocional.
  • Técnicas para tomar decisiones siendo uno mismo y actuando con optimismo, valentía y perseverancia.
  • 3 Propósitos de crecimiento personal.


  • Materiales.
  • Amuletos para recordar las técnicas.
  • Planes de acción para la propia superación personal

Plan de entrenamiento personalizado:

  • A partir de situaciones y retos personales.
  • A través de un sistema de registro de acciones visual y eficaz.
  • Para convertir las 4 Actitudes en 4 hábitos de vida.

How to act with confidence.

How to minimize worries and move forward.

How to risk and overcome yourself to go further.

How to get energy to get back on.

“Learning by doing” method:

  • Awareness of the self-emotional thermometer.
  • Techniques for making decisions being yourself and acting with optimism, bravery and perseverance.
  • 3 Purposes of personal growth.

It includes:

  • Materials
  • Gadget reminders to remember the techniques.
  • Action plans for self-improvement.

Personalized Training Plan:

  • Focusing on personal situations and challenges.
  • Through a visual and effective record system of actions.
  • To convert 4 Attitudes into 4 habits of life.